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VMSDFI currently works with 5,500 partners in carrying out its services for Women and Children, 4,000 partners for its Community Health and Well-being Programs, and 1,500 family partners for the Social Justice and Integrity of Creation Program.



Expansion From Bicol To Payatas
June 01, 2014
Payatas is a place in Quezon City that has gained public attentin and concern in the wake of a mounting garbage crisis besetting the entire Metro Manila. This 13-hectare open dumpsite has been a home to fast growing urban poor families searching for better life opportunities. Scavenging has served as a major source of livelihood for the people for ... «read more»


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A faith-based organization rooted in Vincentian Apostolic Spirituality that responds to the needs of vulnerable persons and communities to uplift their human dignity and potentials to become empowered members of society.



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On St. Vincent de Paul...

"The consolation that our Lord gives me is to think that, by the grace of God, we have always tried to follow and not run ahead of providence, which knows how to lead everything to the goal that our Lord destines for it... But what are we going to do, you say? We will do what our Lord wills, which is to keep ourselves always in dependence on his providence." (SV II, 456, 459)

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